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Founded in 1975, The Lee Construction Company is a family owned and operated remodeling and custom home building business focused in Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding areas.  Innovative design, structural integrity, attention to detail and creativity are the fundamentals behind the business.  Founder Doug Lee and his sons Scott and Spencer believe in building homes, remodels and relationships to last a lifetime.  


Lee Construction. begins each project, whether a small renovation or a custom designed dream home, by building a relationship with the client and adapting the project to fit each client’s unique personality.  As a luxury custom builder and remodeling contractor Lee Construction will work hand in hand with the client and/or the designer to create the unimaginable.  


The Lee’s are involved in all aspects of the building and renovation process from job site cleanliness to attention to the smallest creative details in every niche and corner.  Doug takes great pride in personally framing the projects to ensure the work has the utmost structural integrity.  Through personal touch and attention to detail Doug is able to foresee and react to potential issues prior to sub-contractors involvement, creating a more economical and seamless project from start to finish.  Paired with the creative influence and eye for detail infused in each project by Scott and Spencer, a Lee Construction custom home or remodel guarantees to be second to none.  The Lee’s create unique masterpieces featuring artistic quality and functional beauty.  Lee Construction's homes and remodel projects showcase the client’s personality and vision through style and innovative design.  

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